Ha..banyak Lagi feedback macam ni ...soothing, calming the babies ...put down them to sleep or blocked nose..migrain pun tenyeh Aryza Chia Miracle Oil(ACMO).
Malah, ADA IBU mengandung Yang sapu ACMO untuk menghilangkan Rasa loya2 Nak Muntah.
Kenapa best Sangat bau dan feeling masa guna ACMO ni ?? Rahsianya adalah...daripada...
The NATURAL PEPPERMINT OIL sebagai bahan gabungan ACMO. Selain Chia Oil sebagai bahan utama.. peppermint oil memainkan peranan penting untuk memberikan bau Yang fresh,wangi serta cooling effect yang menenangkan ..sejuk2 berangin lembut gitu..
Best gila ..semasa Pakai ACMO ...Lepas Pakai Lagi best..Sebab...macam2 benefits dapat.Sila rajin diri scroll down Dalam page untuk testimoni.
Nak tahu lebih lanjut khasiat PEPPERMINT OIL Dalam Aryza Chia Miracle Oil..Jom study sikit..

What Is Peppermint Oil?

Peppermint oil is derived from the leaves of the peppermint plant or Mentha pipertita, a hybrid of the water mint and spearmint plants, and M. arvensis var. piperascens, a plant from the Labiatae family.1 The essential oil is often used as a home remedy for stomach problems, muscle pain, and headaches.

Uses and Benefits of Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is often used in aromatherapy, or the use of essential oils to support health. Studies have found that aromatherapy is effective in relieving anxiety, pain, and vomiting, as well as improving memory. The aroma of peppermint oil has been shown to improve memory and raise alertness.

According to findings, peppermint oil exhibits antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal, antioxidant, analgesic, radioprotective, and antiedema properties.

Below are other common uses of peppermint oil:

👉Relief for Stomach Problems
Peppermint oil is a safe and effective alternative to medications like Buscopan in reducing colonic spasms. It helps ease abdominal pain by allowing gas to pass through easily. Peppermint oil also provides relief for indigestion and upset stomach.

Research has also shown that peppermint oil is effective in improving the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Another show that it has helped reduce total irritable bowel syndrome score by 50 percent among 75 percent of the participants.

Peppermint contains large concentrations of menthol and is twice as potent in the essential oil form in decreasing smooth muscle spasm and blocking calcium channels in the gut.

👉Respiratory Benefits
Peppermint oil can be used as an expectorant and decongestant. It can help clear up phlegm in your respiratory tract when used as a chest rub or inhaled through a vaporizer.

The essential oil may also provide benefits to individuals with tuberculosis. Researchers found that when inhaled, the oil can help decrease tuberculosis-induced inflammation and prevent the disorder from worsening or recurring.

Peppermint oil can also work against asthma as it contains rosmarinic acid, which helps curb inflammation-causing chemicals that may cause the condition.

👉Pain Relief
Peppermint is beneficial in addressing pain. It can be used to relieve sore muscles when used with massage or added to bath water. Dabbing a few drops on your wrist or inhaling the aroma can reduce headache pain. Like with sore muscles, it can be massaged onto your temples.

👉Positive Effect on Cancer-Related Treatments
Peppermint oil may help address chemotherapy-induced nausea. It can also help treat hot flashes in women receiving treatment for breast cancer.

👉Helps Ease Herpes Infections
Peppermint oil was found to have a beneficial effect on drug-resistant herpes simplex virus when applied topically. Because of its lipophilic nature, peppermint oil is able to pass through the skin, making it potentially useful against recurrent herpes infection. Using peppermint oil on shingles rash also helps improve pain induced by the disease.

👉Hair and Skin Health
Mixing peppermint oil into massage oils, shampoos, body washes, and lotions gives these products antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, helping cool skin and eliminate dandruff or lice from your scalp. It can also improve frizzy hair and may contribute to hair growth.

Peppermint oil can aid in oil secretion in skin, therefore preventing acne. It can also heal cracked lips, which is why it's often an ingredient in lip balms.

👉Dental Health
Peppermint oil extract is shown to be more effective than the mouthwash chemical chlorhexidine in preventing the development of biofilm that contribute to cavities.It can also prevent bad breath. To use, just add one to two drops to your toothpaste.

👉Comfort for Stress and Nervous System Problems
Due to its energizing effects, peppermint oil is used to help manage stress and treat nervous disorders and mental fatigue. Studies suggest that the essential oil may have an effect similar to psychostimulants, as shown in a study involving mice.

In addition to these health benefits, peppermint oil can also be used as a natural insect repellent. The cooling sensation provided by peppermint can also help relieve itching caused by insects by blocking the sensation.

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